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Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th, and a Restart Glitch: Pure Coincidence, of Course

My computer ran a Windows update last night, which included a restart: Which explains the nighttime display from sunrise to just a few minutes ago (it's 9:05 a.m. here).

That's a fairly routine situation - although it doesn't happen often enough for me to feel like changing settings. Besides, I'd rather have updates be done promptly - even if it means losing a few hours of webcam time. The webcam is attached to my 'main' computer - the one I use for all my other work - so it's critical that it stay in good working order.

This morning, I found my computer was stuck on part of the restart process. Restarting the restart process ended with it being stuck at the same point.

This is a new wrinkle.

Shutting the thing down completely and re-starting ended with a normal re-boot, so things are okay for the present.

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