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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Re-Thinking the Situation

Another month spent chasing down blind alleys, with no budget and little time to work on the webcam issue. And, no success.

Today, My oldest daughter, my son, and I uninstalled and re-installed all software related to the webcam. Then my oldest daughter and I spent a good part of the afternoon, looking through the software's 'help' and the publisher's website. (It's a Creative Labs product: they've got decent products and support, IMO.)

At least I now know that I will not be using the webcam's own software to post photos to the Web. The webcam is what I wanted: a working, low-cost, no-frills digital camera. But, that means that it came with no frills: including ftp / posting functions.

I'm not giving up: but in the short run, my efforts now are to find a substitute for the once-a-minute still photo posting.
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