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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Back Online - Again

If you tried using this webcam last night or earlier this morning: sorry about that.

My household lost internet and telephone connections last night. Service got restored momentarily, but then connections were gone again. For hours.

We're back online now, happily.

This is the second major interruption in about as many weeks. Loss of the Internet is a major nuisance, since that's how I update my blogs and websites. A more serious issue is losing telephone service. After this outage, I've started setting up backup procedures for emergencies.

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Holly said...

Your webcam is cool! I need to look into how to do that. I'd love to put it out where we get a lot of wildlife. Maybe I can catch the little buggers keep invading my garden. ;-D

Brian H. Gill said...

Holly@A Life-Size Catholic Blog,

Sorry to take so long! I let a few things slip this summer - including checking comments.

Thank you for your good words about the webcam. The technology isn't all that complicated - or expensive. Not for the sort of low-end gadget I use.

Putting a webcam outside, where 'close up and personal' views of critters could happen? Sounds like a good idea.

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